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Grime Buster's Now Under New Management

      The Grime Busters Story

Grime Busters has been serving the Bristol CT Community for over a decade.  We come highly recommended by our customers. Any customers who have tried Grime Busters after it opened just couldn't go back to the other laundromats. Everyone is treated courteously and fairly. What's more, the laundromat has a good reputation! The people of Bristol know that Grime Busters is what it's supposed to be: a laundromat for the community, not a drop-in center for a few. Go to "Why Choose Us"? for more information.
Views from the Outside
and Inside:
Grime Busters is a well established business in a
central location in Bristol, CT.
It is surrounded by other popular businesses including CVS, Family Dollar, the Ice Cream Churn and Subway.

We eliminate dirt!
Dirt be gone!
45 North Main Street
Bristol, CT 06010
Main 860-589-8218
Cell 646-919-5695